Bound By StarLight

Bound by Starlight is the website of Scottish landscape photographer Stuart McIntyre.

Stuart prides himself in taking unique images of Scotland at night.

Welcome to what started out as my passion and has quickly become my obsession.  I don’t want to be a photographer, I want to be an adventurer!

I love being out in the night sky climbing hills or wading lochs, it makes me feel so alive and excited, I am looking for projects to make my more of an adventure. I am currently tour Scotland in a 1976 Land Rover, but I have an idea for my next adventure already. So please keep in touch.

I am a professional photographer and I make my living from taken these photographs and I am deeply grateful for those that support me and buy my work.  The gallery just shows a small selection of what I can print. Please get in touch if you have something special in mind. 

Background Photograph: Frozen Aurora